Organic Drum Kit

Posted on 10. Jan, 2014 by in Drums, Percussion, Sound FX

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MpackOrganicDrumsI first ran into Xclusive-Audio when I got the Survival Drum kit, after that I was hooked.

That was back in 2012, we’ve kept in touch since then and I’ve been checking out his kits ever since.

One of those kits I’ve been wanting to showcase is the Organic Drum kit. Once again this is another gem I’ve been holding onto as it comes in Maschine format so I wanted to wait until this site was ready to go.

It’s a dope collection of drums, as well as percussion and fx, all with a very real, acoustic/organic sound to them.

Probably one of my favorite drum kits in general so it’s definitely a plus to have it in Maschine format.

Quick Specs


8 Responses to “Organic Drum Kit”

  1. dledge

    10. Jan, 2014

    you did it again

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  2. Haralduz7

    12. Jan, 2014

    My kind of drums 🙂

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  3. Name (required)

    25. Jun, 2014

    Ok now is much better I am feeling this kit that kit is something one would spend there hard earned money on. I researched these guys and they have some good stuff. please no more of that flux my ears cant take it lol. – Beat General

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    • saintjoe

      25. Jun, 2014

      Thanks for checking it out, if you don’t like Flux kits then don’t watch the videos, simple lol.

      I show all types of stuff that’s original content for Maschine, everyone has their own tastes.

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  4. Red Pharaoh 360

    04. Oct, 2014

    @ Saintjoe: I have been looking all over for replacement parts that fit my Maschine and have had no luck. I have the same one that you do. Where do you get your replacement knobs and things from.
    I’m missing a couple knobs and it’s driving me mad!

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    • saintjoe

      04. Oct, 2014

      There are no replacement parts really, I used some knobs from the old custom kits they used to sell.

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