NI Velvet Lounge

Posted on 24. Aug, 2015 by in Bass, Drums, Guitar, Horns, Keys, Percussion, Sound FX, Synth

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mPack_Velvet_LoungeThis latest expansion from Native Instruments meshes together soulful melodies with contemporary beats and kits along with a fresh dose of synth patches to fill out your tracks.

There’s a nice mix of synthetic/electronic drums with acoustic kits and percussion.

You also get a good amount of deep bass, soulful organs, rhodes, pads, plucks, and leads.

They even threw in some sound fx and a few vocal hits.

Quick Specs

**Updated video of synth presets without extra FX

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11 Responses to “NI Velvet Lounge”

  1. BlackSoultan

    24. Aug, 2015

    I can definitely see myself using this, but I can’t update my Maschine without it crashing, so the last couple expansions don’t work for me. I’ve got to fix that because this sounds awesome. Makes me realize I’ve been sleeping on Massive and Prism! OMG!

    Btw: did you realize that you had the flanger and delay on for all the previews? I hate it when that happens when you browse through and Maschine doesn’t change or reset the fx slots accordingly; it just keeps applying the effects from the first one. Sounded dope though, but not for the bass modules.

    Bless Up!

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    • saintjoe

      24. Aug, 2015

      Definitely didn’t realize that lol, not sure why it happens sometimes man lol, ahh well!

      Have you talked to NI about your update issues?

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  2. eric

    24. Aug, 2015

    man those melody kits were dope! I may have to rob Peter to pay Paul!

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  3. Shawn Rogers

    25. Aug, 2015

    I was debating to get this but from what I’ve heard I just might get this. It’ll make up for the laser dice expansion I got. That expansion really disappointed me. But yeah I just might get this I like the smoothness but yet a bit gritty sound, it’s big,full and lush. I wish NI would make a more affordable classical sting and orchestral expansion.

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  4. Intensity7x

    11. Sep, 2015

    Really dope expansion>Maschine drums always do the job.Really all i use is Maschine Expasions..Great job again on the review!!!

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  5. David Tilley

    02. Oct, 2015

    StJoe. U know any maschine pack have all vintage drum ma hines

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  6. jae eL

    10. Jan, 2017

    Lookin into gettin a new expansion for my birthday, and right now im down to the velvet lounge or the sierra grove. What you think?

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    • saintjoe

      10. Jan, 2017

      I dig them both, really depends on the type of sounds you’re looking for. Can’t go wrong with either though imo.

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