My name is JK Swopes aka “saintjoe”. I’m a music technology instructor, reviewer, product tester, and consultant. I operate multiple web properties including: SoundsAndGear, MaschineTutorials, PushTutorials, and BoomAndBap

Each site I create has a specific goal and purpose in mind.

Sounds and Gear is the main hub where I review all types of music gear, software, controllers, apps, libraries and more.

Maschine Tutorials is the original web community dedicated exclusively to teaching people of all backgrounds and skill levels how to use Native Instruments Maschine.

Push Tutorials is dedicated to helping people learn how to use Ableton Push quickly, with an easy to use video manual, custom tutorials, and more.

Boom and Bap is a site made specifically for all the drum sample and drum library fanatics out there like myself.

With so many Maschine users and people constantly asking me where to find content for it, I’ve dedicated this entire site to the purpose of providing a quick way for Maschine users to find out what type of expansions and sound content is available specifically for them.

If you are a sound developer making content for Maschine, feel free to get in touch to have your products considered for being featured on the site!

Need to contact me? Please use the form below.