The 60s Funk Kit

Posted on 18. Jun, 2014 by in Drums

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mPack_60s_Funk_KitIf you’ve been around music production for a while, especially using MPC’s and other hardware samplers then you may be familiar with “MPC-Tutor” and “MPC-Samples”.

If not, it’s all good, he’s been producing useful content for beatmakers for many years, at least since very early 2000 or even before that.

I used to get a lot of his sounds when I was using the MPC and we’ve kept in touch over the years, so when he told me he was going to start formatting kits for Maschine you know I was all ears.

This is one of the Maschine ready kits I’ve been using for quite a while, and the thing about this kit is it’s built the same way they would do things on the MPC.

That means it takes full advantage of multi-layer velocity mapping to give you a much more dynamic kit than a single layer kit could produce.

Each layer has slightly different hits so it gives you a very realistic feel.

The 60s Funk Kit is built from a vintage acoustic drum set recorded to analog tape.

If you want a nice, warm, punchy acoustic kit that’s ready to load up in Maschine, definitely check this one out.

Quick Specs

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6 Responses to “The 60s Funk Kit”

  1. Name (required)

    25. Jun, 2014

    Nice !

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  2. Joseluis Guinea

    29. Jun, 2014

    Can I play this drum samples, on any maschine????

    I have just bought the beatstep from ARTURIA. Please check it out, and tell me if it will.

    Can I quantize this samples in cubase 7???

    Are there any trial samples I can download???

    can I buy a hard copy, cd or dvd????

    Please check out this site

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    • saintjoe

      02. Jul, 2014

      You can load up the samples in whatever daw you want, but it will not be in kit format unless it’s on an mpc or Maschine. If you’re using Beatstep as a controller you want to get samples that work with the devices in whatever software you’re using.

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  3. Bryant Gibson

    01. May, 2015

    How do you place them in the software?

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  4. saintjoe

    01. May, 2015

    You just browse to the folder and open the kit/group file.

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